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Travel to Ethiopia

Want to book a vacation to Ethiopia? Whether you are off for a family vacation, a romantic holiday or an- all inclusive holiday, Ethiopia tour packages on GreatVacationNow make planning your trip affordable and hassle-free. Ethiopia is an African country that is encased via land on all sides and positions second among the African countries as far as its populace.

It is authoritatively known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and its capital is Addis Ababa. It is arranged in the Horn of Africa and has a populace of 87.9 million. Involving an aggregate of 1,100,000 square kilometres, the nation is known for its changed natural life.

It has large amounts of various trees, streams, rugged districts and other normal attractions. The country not just contains a large portion of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites present in Africa yet in addition houses Africa's longest precipitous reaches.

Book a tour packages to Ethiopia and uncover its rich culture and tradition that also draws a number of tourists. Enjoy trekking, uncover wildlife and discover the cultural history of the country that are some of the best things to do in Ethiopia. So, plan a trip to Ethiopia today with GreatVacationNow and spend some quality time your close ones. Some of the major tourist draws are as follows:

Royal Enclosure

Situated in Gonder, this colossal compound comprises of scenic castles and palaces. The mesmerizing Fasildas Palace is the oldest building that stands 32m tall and features a crenulated parapet with outstanding four domed tower.

Local Parks

This country is decked with many picturesque lush green parks and amazing museums. These gardens and museums are wonderful places where you can take your little ones so that they can enjoy fresh air and also take part in exciting outdoor games and exercises.

Debre Birhan Selassie Church

This beautiful church in Gondar was worked by Emperor Eyasu II during the seventeenth century. The beautiful church procures its name from the epithet of the ruler which means "Pile of Light". The inside of the church portrays scriptural scenes while the roof is covered with countenances of holy messengers.

Go on a trip to Ethiopia with GreatVacationNow by choosing the Ethiopia Holiday Packages and witness the natural beauty of the country.