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Privacy Policy

When booking Hotel with, you can rest confident that every possible step is taken to secure your personal information. GreatVacationNow endeavours to create a secure medium for all your transactions so that no part of the information that you provide us lands in to the wrong hands. GreatVacationNow also take pride in running our business with ultra-schemes of transparency, trust and ethic.

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We do everything possible to retain your personal information such as:

Your Full Name

Date of Birth

Contact Details

Credit/Debit Card Details

Each and every detail you provide us, from the time of visiting or website to completing the transaction, are collected through advanced and secured channels.

GreatVacationNow do not share your personal information with any third party, except for the vendors who help us in providing you the discounted hotel deals.

You might receive text messages and emails from GreatVacationNow regarding promotional offers and discounts being offered on our website, but the right to receive these text emails is reserved with you. Any given point of time, you can choose to unsubscribe and stop receiving these emails and text messages.

Promotional offers and discounts depend on several factors such as destination, date of travel and many alike.

In order to avoid any misconduct of your sensitive credit/debit card details, GreatVacationNow encrypts the data on a secure server.

To protect you from internet frauds, GreatVacationNow gather some information relating your computer system IP address.

GreatVacationNow conducts and run business operations in obedience with state and national laws.

To understand and analyze your style of feeding information including your mode of transaction, choice of internet browser and way of billing, GreatVacationNow make use of cookies to track your activities that also help us in developing user experience for future transactions on our website.