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Terms & Conditions

We are an online travel portal which is dedicated to present travelers with the best tour packages along with other services related to travel. However, before accessing our service to book your hotels through our website or a call to our travel executives, GreatVacationNow clientele have to agree to a certain set of terms of use. These terms have been recognized to ensure smooth and easy business transactions and are in agreement with all the state rules and laws applicable.

We act as a disclosed agent to a third-party vendor, meaning that when you make booking with us, you enter into a direct and only contract with the third party. Also, our terms of uses are grounded on those of the suppliers of travel products and services. GreatVacationNow role is limited to that of an agent providing a smooth and convenient access to hotel bookings.

Following are the terms of use that you pay notice before using our services:

Booking a travel packages with us entails that you agree to pay all the charges levied on the booking.

We cannot be held responsible for issues arising on part of your bank or credit card provider.

Using and accessing our services entails a contract to all our terms and conditions.